Hip hop has come a long way since The Sugar Hill Gang started making music in the '70s. These days the rap genre spans everything from gangsta to rap rock. The one thing that stays consistent is that there is always rhythm, beats and rhymes.

    Do the Jesus Lean
    Barack Obama Gangsta Rap
    "Stop Looking at my Mom" Rap
    H to To the Izzoh man that's awkward.
    "Toad is not for the pop charts"
    Summer of Music: Too Many Pools
    Terrible 90s Anti-Drug Rap
    The Very Worst Of Christian Rap
    P-Nut the 7-Year-Old Rapper
    You can find him in serf village...
    It's comforting to know Vanilla Ice has found work.
    Stop-Motion Breakfast Rap
    "Game Over" Super Mario Bros. Rap
    Terrible Facebook Rap

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