Hip hop has come a long way since The Sugar Hill Gang started making music in the '70s. These days the rap genre spans everything from gangsta to rap rock. The one thing that stays consistent is that there is always rhythm, beats and rhymes.

Gary Oak Rap
"Fully Epic Rapsody," by Fully Sick Rapper
"Opposite of Adults" Music Video
Hangin' With My White Friends Rap
The Situation straight up beatin' up the beat
He's got sweet rhymes. FOR A TOTAL DWEEB.
Battlestar Galactica Vs. Beastie Boys
"Germaphobe," by Fully Sick Rapper
Parma State of Mind
Dr. Seuss Rap: "Wubble Down"
"Life in Quarantine," by Fully Sick Rapper
Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Kimmel: "IMPREGN8ED"
Remix: Charles Barkley Taco Bell Ad (Dr. Seuss Version)
The Legend of Zelda Rap

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