Hip hop has come a long way since The Sugar Hill Gang started making music in the '70s. These days the rap genre spans everything from gangsta to rap rock. The one thing that stays consistent is that there is always rhythm, beats and rhymes.

Rapping Cartoon Squirrel Advertises Accident Lawyer
Why would anyone bother naming albums after this?
The History of Rap via Beat Box
Other Pale Guy Raps Faster
Insufferable 8-Year-Old Raps
Pale Kid Raps Fast
Oh no, Kanye is becoming self-aware
Buy tickets to see 'The Rapping Interns' Live
World's Worst Sorority
50 Cent is shoveling. Your argument is invalid.
"Boxes in the Hood"
Twilight Rap
Just another beatboxer coming out of Germany
Dude Really Loves Nicki Minaj Song
Steven Slater Sells Out, Raps Terribly
Teach me how to Study (Teach me how to Dougie Parody)

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