Hip hop has come a long way since The Sugar Hill Gang started making music in the '70s. These days the rap genre spans everything from gangsta to rap rock. The one thing that stays consistent is that there is always rhythm, beats and rhymes.

The Doctor from Doctor Who Firing Guns to Gangster Rap
Illinois Senator Reads Letter From Wu-Tang Clan
Locomotive Curt Rap
Haters Gonna Hate
Little Kid Sings Anti-Hater Rap
Lil' Dr Dre Kid on Game Show
Walmart Booty Song
Odd Future Dances To 'Friday' On Stage
World's Worst After Party Jam
"Nu Thang" Rap by Lil' Pope
"Titties And Carrot Cake" Rap Music  Video
Hip Hop Cello Beatbox
Sleeping Baby Wakes up and Jams to "Waka Flocka"
50 Cent vs. Teddy Roosevelt
Things I've Learned from Rap Songs Over the Last Decade
Quack Attack : Mighty Ducks Gangsta Rap

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