The Lonely Island: Spell It Out
Khaki Pants (New Jam from the Hot Cheetos & Takis Crew)
French Rappers Insert Themselves into Movies
Our Favorite Pieces of Internet: Dan Hopper's Choice
Boy is it Great Being White (the Rap)
We're Not Sure if The Lonely Island Knows How to Use Semicolons
Waka Flocka Goes in the Booth, Makes LEGENDARY Music
Top 10 Rappers
8 Rap Songs Perfectly Synched with Kids' Shows
My Bike (Y.N.RichKids' Hot Cheetos & Takis Sequel)
Lion King Rap
So THAT'S Where Macklemore Comes From
Dasa Red Flag Bitch
"It's Too Big" by World's Largest Penis Record Holder
"Ex-Boyfriend" by Lil Dicky is the Anthem for All Guys Dating Hot Girls

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