Movies, TV shows and songs are all good, but sometimes they can be improved. With clever editing, remixes can make completely new works of art from pre-existing material. Music remixes have become so popular they've become their own genre: mashups.

    Anthropomorphic Washing Machine Self Destructs Remix
    "Happiest Wedding Cry in the World" Remix
    Snoop Dogg Invades Every Videogame.
    Mad Smoke: Every Cigerette Smoked in Mad Men
    Every Single California Gurls Parody
    Pug Sings Batman Set to Batman Theme
    Nicolas Cage's Secret Passion
    Resident Evil Can-Can
    Seinfeld "Serenity Now" Thriller Trailer
    Politically Correct Pulp Fiction
    So THAT'S what Lindsay Lohan's lawyer was saying
    Willy Wonka WTF Moment

    Nothing found...

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