Movies, TV shows and songs are all good, but sometimes they can be improved. With clever editing, remixes can make completely new works of art from pre-existing material. Music remixes have become so popular they've become their own genre: mashups.

2010 Summertime Music Mashup
Justin Bieber: "Baby" (Metal Version)
Kesha "Tik Tok" Polka-Metal Version
When Megan Met Michael
Breaking Bad as a Sitcom
Unanswered Lost Questions
More like Sexy and the Sh*tty. AM I RIGHT BOYS!?
Street Fighter II Musical Rendition
Seinfeld From A Serious Point of View
Link of the Week: Mario Bros. Mod
Girls are Bad at Sound Effects II
The Expendables: Starring Everyone
Remix: Conan Lever
Iron Man Punches Hugh Grant
Streamys auto-tune remix featuring Amir!

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