Movies, TV shows and songs are all good, but sometimes they can be improved. With clever editing, remixes can make completely new works of art from pre-existing material. Music remixes have become so popular they've become their own genre: mashups.

Prince Harry Runs for an Ice Cream Truck
Most Brutal Metal Scream
It's a Wonderful Life (the Censored Version)
Homeland vs. Nicole Westbrook
Ecce Homo Remixes
Jean-Ralphio Is The Amazing Spider-man
Nigella's Dirty Talk Cooking Show
Gushers Commercial is Even Weirder in Reverse
Masterchef Techno Remix
Every Michael Bay Movie In Under A Minute
Eastwood & Aliens
No Country for Awkward Men
The Office as a '90s Sitcom
Trailer For The Harry Potter Ignorant
Van Wilder: The Rise Of Green Lantern

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