Movies, TV shows and songs are all good, but sometimes they can be improved. With clever editing, remixes can make completely new works of art from pre-existing material. Music remixes have become so popular they've become their own genre: mashups.

The Ultimate Trololo Mashup
Michael Jackson vs. Sonic the Hedgehog Mash-up
Unhelpful Trailer: The Town
A Capella Inception Trailer
Judge Judy: After the Dentist Edition
Boyz N the Ring
Terminator 2: the Musical
40 Dance Scenes Set to Footloose
Full Metal Disney
Cee-Lo's "F*ck you" Remixed Into 3 Classic Movie Scenes
Epic Hat Chinchilla
Free Willy Horror Trailer
Cee-Lo's Shawshank Redemption
Red Army Performs "Beat It"
Panda Grooves to Bed Intruder Song

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