Norwegian Tweens Think Bus is Justin Bieber
    Polite Japanese Soccer Hooligans
    Luchadora Protester
    "My friend Cree was at the University of Colorado, Boulder, in the crowd of protesters. He got hit in the forehead with a rubber bullet. You can see the welt forming on his forehead. After that he was irate at them and eventually got maced and then tasere
    "Don't Mace Me Bro!"
    The goggles, they do nothing!
    "Aren't you a little fruity for a stormtrooper?"
    The first actual crowdsurfer.
    "Hundreds gather for global warming protest"
    "I'm smiling because it hurts so bad"
    Guards that Beat Fan are then Beaten by More Fans
    "Umass riots even when we lose.  Thats true team spirit."

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