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Your shut-in uncle’s / too-smart cousin’s / war vet professor’s favorite repeat candidate, Ron Paul is a writer of newsletters, an OB/GYN, and a United States Congressman from Texas. Thanks to his reputation of being a libertarian thinker, he is considered by many to be the “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party Movement--but keep in mind, after delivering over 4,000 babies, he’s bound to be the godfather of something. Paul is so against paying taxes, it almost compares to how little the media wants to pay attention to him. He is considered a by-the-book politician, though some Republican voters have concerns that the book in question may not be the Bible. He is widely believed to be above corporate influence, though this website has it on good authority that Mr. Paul has eaten at Subway at least once. [[[readmore]]] *Jump Back:* Did you see the part about him having delivered over 4,000 babies? *Theory Based on Nothing:* He seems like the kind of man who says the word “panties” even though no man should ever say the word “panties.” *Folksy?:* We reckon.

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