Cockroach Prank in Russian Restaurant is Pretty Terrifying (and Brilliant)
Russian Teacher Dumps Bucket of KFC on Douchebag Student
Kid Achieves Every Child's Swing Dream
Russia: Car Crashes Into River, Is Pretty Chill With What Just Happened
Russian Lady Points Out Rapper's Boner
Wrestler's BOSS Victory Dance
Russian Soldiers Sing Lady Gaga Bad Romance
Russian Guy Trolls Traffic Officer with "Pew Pew" Noises
Fastest Way to Skin a Fish
Man With Amazing Self-Esteem Joins Aerobics Class
Laeffy, the Troll Russian Soldier
Strange Russian Bread is Inexplicably Fascinating
Russian Kid At Club Can't Be Bothered
Wanna Watch This Russian Dude's Pet Bear Do A Bunch Of Tricks?
Everyday I'm Drinking: Basically the Russian Anthem

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