Santa Claus

    Here comes Santa Claus here comes Santa Claus.
    "That's not a stocking hes packing."
    "I made the globe much like a mylar ballon is constructed - with two flat discs glued at the edges.  The entry point in the bottom is a 'tube' made of thinner clear vinyl.  The tube seals around my waist and holes in the tube keep the globe inflated.  The
    Don't worry, Blitzen's driving.
    Go Santa! Go Santa!
    Making toys all year, checking that damn list twice, hurrying around the globe Christmas eve - it's all a big pain in the ass. But it's nights like tonight that make it all worth it.
    Santa's Crib
    Nothing says "Chirstmas!" like the tears of children.
    "Explain this to your kid."
    It's going to take Santa two nights this year.
    "Just so you all know... Jared went to the mall BY HIMSELF... and had this picture taken. He even stole the helper elf's hat! Wow." ~ His WifeAny other big kids out there taking pictures with Santa at the mall this year? Send them in!

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