Det Satan Club

    Det Satan Club

    Damn Atheist librarians. When will they quit!
    He has the coolest neck ties.
    How you know your dog has been eating glowsticks.
    Ain't it the truth?
    "Does anyone else see satan in my tiling?" I bet college students from the 60's would be really happy to see how technology has really enhanced the experience of consuming drugs and noticing things.
    Talk about a frickin' weird guitar...
    Get prepared, infidels.
    i work at a large video chain and came upon this in the daily notebook, where managers write about what's going on in the store. in case you can't read it, it says "Bern was real nice to a homeless. Let him use the bathroom and gave him pizza. to show his
    Ah, the locals at Bonnaroo.

    Nothing found...

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