"Merry Christmas from college"
Is there a better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus then crudely arranging Christmas lights in the shape of a woman, complete with naughty parts? If there is, I haven't seen a picture of it on this site yet.
"Yes, this was taken in southern Ohio..."
Bob Saget and the shocker.
William Hung getting shocked!
"Bob Saget, Vassar College, and the Shocker Armada"
My Halloween Costume
My pumpkin i carved for halloween this year!
Lyco Tekes get revenge on a brother.
Cops enjoy college Halloween parties too!
BY YOUR POWERS COMBINED... Halloween, we were captain planet and the planateers.  Captain is there with the green hair, and thats guia in the purple; spirit of the earth throwing the shocker.
Dirty Sanchez. I get it.

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