Warning: signs have been known to publicly display information and remind people that "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same thing. Proceed with caution--especially when words are misspelled, misplaced, or otherwise misused.

    All Tips Go Towards Sloth's Astronaut Training
    Lost Unicorn
    Break in Case of Fabulous
    Have You Seen This Badass Dog?
    Library Burns Lance Armstrong
    America Doesn't Know How Many 15 Is
    BEST PICTURES OF THE WEEK (January 18th, 2013)
    Don't Like My Driving?
    Urinal Separates the Men from the Boys
    Warning: Alcohol Impairs Judgment
    Donations for DNA Test Needed
    Pussies and Bitches Petshop
    Sign Bandit Rewords Stop Signs
    Freddy Krueger's Child Care
    Hot Beef Sundae

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