Warning: signs have been known to publicly display information and remind people that "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same thing. Proceed with caution--especially when words are misspelled, misplaced, or otherwise misused.

    Flush Before Drinking
    Bill Posters is Innocent
    These are Some Questionable Campaign Signs
    Mona Lisa Has Gotten Scandalous
    Pulp Kitchen
    Don't Knock with a Political Agenda
    Please Shut This Door Completely
    Vote in Georgia, Win a Rifle
    Netflix Hates Blockbuster
    Danger: Ninjas and Pirates and What?
    Where Do I Put the Poo?
    Today's Special is Depressing
    Jigsaw Leaves a Tip
    Trespassers Will Be Hog Tied
    Swag Free Zone

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