Warning: signs have been known to publicly display information and remind people that "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same thing. Proceed with caution--especially when words are misspelled, misplaced, or otherwise misused.

    Awww Snap Street
    Please Do Not Touch This Sign
    Take the Stairs to the 2nd Floor
    Employees Must Wash Hands
    Clean Up Your Dog Poop, or it Will be Thrown At You
    Confusing Sign Post
    "Dancing Off Italian Trains is Dangerous"
    "Give Your Mom a Facial"
    No Sex with Sheep Sign
    Dunkin Donuts Isn't Above a Good '69' Joke
    Trash Talk Philosophy
    Property Protected by Fire Ants
    Can You Read This Sign?
    Visit Lake County Even When It's on Fire
    Kiek in de Kok Leads to Kick in the Cock

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