Warning: signs have been known to publicly display information and remind people that "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same thing. Proceed with caution--especially when words are misspelled, misplaced, or otherwise misused.

    Fight for Your Flight to Departy
    Road Sign Reads "Fuck Bitches Get $$$$"
    Ducks Will turn into Mutants if Fed
    Summer Bitch Festival
    Table for One Labeled "Garbage"
    Restaurant Serves Tears of Our Enemies
    Two Guys Flagrantly Ignore "No Motorboating" Sign
    Don't Stop Believing Sign
    Do Not Parabolic Sign
    Sign Offers Better Reward for Lost iPod Than Other Sign
    No Fishing and Crabbing in Fishing and Crabbing Area
    Town of Gross. Population: 3
    All Food in Fridge Labeled "Not Debbie's"
    Panda Garden Sign Has Picture of Koala
    Electric Road Sign Reads "Dicks in Your Mouth."

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