Incredible Daft Punk Medley from Pentatonix
The F*ck Is This? (Nightmare Before Christmas Parody)
Spell Block Tango (Chicago x Disney Villains)
Momma's Singing Makes Baby Teary-Eyed It's So Beautiful
Mixing Engineer Makes Sh*tty Remix After Screamo Band Doesn't Pay
Hylian Skinhead (Link x Kanye West)
The Walking Dead Monster Mash
Living Piano: Like Tom Hanks' Piano in Big, with Actual People
A Capella Group Sings on Roller Coaster
GTA V - The Musical
Cinderonce, the Cinderella Story Told through Beyonce Songs
Every Pop Punk Vocalist Ever
Angry Scottish Lady Interrupts British X Factor Contestant
Christina Bianco Sings Total Eclipse of the Heart as 19 Different Divas
Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical
Guy Plays Drums And Guitar Simultaneously Because He's Good At Stuff

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