Snex will now be know as snorn (snow porn).
    Because there ain't no love like snow love.
    You can do a lot with 18 inches of snow.
    Talk about a snow PLOW.
    "The inspiration was American Psycho. It's a shitty angle, but you can sort of see that the guy is kissing his biceps.My friend Erin and I were getting towards the end of this snow sculpture when code enforcement showed up.  The asshole called for pol
    "The morning after it was sculpted, ND groundskeeping tore it down. I watched the plow-driver old man for about five minutes as he approached it. When he got about two yards from the sculpture, he suddenly stopped, got out, and took a couple pictures with
    "Cars honked at it and stopped to take pictures for a number of days until  the neighbours kicked it down. We just had to tell cab driver's it was the 'sculpture house' to get home."
    Who is your favorite GI Joe? Mine's Snow Job.
    Oh baby, leave your snow goggles on.
    Spank me with a shovel! Harder!
    Enough snow penises! Any snaginas out there?
    Amazing hood ornament.

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