Snow is a pure, magical substance that you can throw, pee on, and shape into penises, igloos, and penis igloos. That's what the song "Winter Wonderland" is actually about.

    Farewell snow bars, hello sand penises!
    That's a lot of yellow snow...
    No Dean, I don't think it's too desperate at all.
    Snow tubing is more fun when you can't feel your chest.
    Next, someone should carve a bong out of ice.
    It's a truck under all that snow. Not a car, a truck.
    "I had sex with my roommates girlfriend while he was away one weekend.  I didn't know how to break it to him ... for some prespective this picture was taken from an 11th story window and the lamp post is 12 feet tall."
    Where's Mr. Plow when you need him?
    Well sorry if I just assumedit was working.

    Nothing found...

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