Though it may not be America's pastime sport, soccer seems to be the reigning king of the universe. And even though we say we don't care about the World Cup, losing is losing. Now all we have to do is kick, scream, and head butt our way to the top.

    Cocky Soccer Goalie Fails Miserably
    Unsportsladlylike Conduct
    Ridiculous Soccer Goalie Save
    Dizzy Kid Tries to Play Soccer
    Impressive Soccer Celebration
    Soccer Fan Fail
    Kid manages to break his arm playing soccer
    Soccer Cat is Terrified
    Elephant Does Soccer Ball Trick
    Soccer Fans Pretend Their Team Scored a Goal
    Lady Hit Directly by Soccer Ball
    Soccer Fans Cheer for Parallel Parking
    Wu Tang Teammates
    Hockey with Soccer Announcers
    Manager Cries After Losing a Soccer Match

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