Though it may not be America's pastime sport, soccer seems to be the reigning king of the universe. And even though we say we don't care about the World Cup, losing is losing. Now all we have to do is kick, scream, and head butt our way to the top.

    Desk Gets Beckhamed
    Youth Soccer Team Grows Up Mid-Picture
    The Mud Pit of Love
    Polite Japanese Soccer Hooligans
    Makeshift Bark Shin Pads
    Amazing Goal Scored on Own Team
    Soccer Ball To The Face
    MLS Player Nearly Beheads Woman With Soccer Ball
    Dog Wants to Play Professional Soccer
    There is No Escape from Soccer Ball
    Soccer Lion
    Soccer Player Controls Crowd
    Ridiculous Soccer Goal
    Fat Guy Pops Soccer Ball with his Butt
    Soccer Ref Takes A Dive

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