Win, lose, or draw, the sports section is home to the funniest sports stuff on the internet. We even have a picture of that time your sister threw a baseball at your face the day before middle school started. Who would have ever thought she'd grow up to b

Soccer Reporter Invents New Kind of English
Hockey Player Uses the Force
Two-Year-Old Knows His Football
Will Ferrell Debuts "Rojo" Johnson
Adorable Girl Makes Between-The-Legs Dunk (Adorably)
Don't Tase Me Bro: Part II The Triumphant Comeback.
Phillies Fan Gets Tased For Running On Field
Devestating Slide Tackle to the Nuts
Soccer Player Does Opposite Of What He's Supposed To Do
Amazing Pole Vault to the Nuts
Team Celebrates Too Early
Soccer Player Scores Goal, Goes on Rampage
One WAG to rule them all

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