Win, lose, or draw, the sports section is home to the funniest sports stuff on the internet. We even have a picture of that time your sister threw a baseball at your face the day before middle school started. Who would have ever thought she'd grow up to b

    CH Sports Weekly: Better than Kobe AND MJ
    Manny Ramirez is selling his BBQ on ebay. Buy it. Now.
    Performance Enhancing Drugs
    CH Sports Weekly: The Slipper Still Fits!
    "My niece trying to hit the ball. I saw it heading to her face, and could have tried to help, but thought it'd be funnier to take a picture. She cried, I laughed... being an uncle is awesome."
    CH Sports Weekly: Sponsored Spectacular!
    CH Sports Weekly: Bonds on Bonds on Bonds
    CH Sports Weekly: All-Debate Edition!
    CH Sports Weekly
    CH Sports Weekly: SuperBowl Prediction Spectacular!
    CH Sports Weekly
    CH Sports Weekly

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