Win, lose, or draw, the sports section is home to the funniest sports stuff on the internet. We even have a picture of that time your sister threw a baseball at your face the day before middle school started. Who would have ever thought she'd grow up to b

    Epic Minor League Baseball Rant
    He must have taken it pretty hard, the loss that is.
    Soccer Announcer Loses His Mind After Goal
    Unlucky Lucky Bowler
    Shane Victorino is a pusssssaaay.
    "Whoever's on deck better get ready real quick."
    Darth Vader Penalty Kick
    7 Ways to Make the World Cup More Exciting
    World Cup Cats
    Soccer Player's Stupid Fish Dive
    Dizzy Bat Bowling
    It was either that or pay eight bucks for a hot dog
    Take me out to the fall game
    Insane Christiano Ronaldo World Cup Goal

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