spring break

    Beer bongs - fun for ages 16 and up!
    "Crystal Beach Galveston, underrated for spring break."
    I wasn't asleep, I was only resting my eyes!
    "I was at a wet t-shirt competition and a guy in the crowd slapped this chick on the belly.  My camera just happened to catch the fat ripple effect.  The photo is real and not been photo-shopped except to hide the girls face."
    This is Gonna Be the Best Spring Break EVER
    Spring break has no age limit.
    "On Sunday March 18th, five guys decided it would be a good idea to buy male g-strings at a novelty store (they were on sale 3 for $10) and they went for a walk on the beach. Little did they know that this stunt would cost them $695 each on bail after the
    Notes From My Roadtrip
    "On Spring Break, it was my task to eat a pound of peeps.  I made it through a little over 2/3 of the batch before I cried uncle.  My friends wouldn't have any of it and forced me to eat 4 more peeps at once.  I got bite halfway down, then it came back up

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