Scary biker dudes and military personnel aren't the only people getting tatted up. Now, thanks to tattoo innovations such as tramp stamps, Chinese symbol, barbed wires, tribal signs, and clean needles, anyone who can afford it, tolerate pain, and be all right with having something permanently drawn onto their body is getting ink.

    Beetlejuice Tattoo Fail
    Butt Plug Tattoo
    Tattoo Regrets
    Literal Tramp Stamp
    Guy Has Hair Tattoo Instead of Hair
    Convincing an Idiot that Goat Milk Can Remove a Tattoo
    Tribal Tramp Stamp Goes a Little Too Far
    Cop Shows Off Detainee's Fuck the Police Tattoo
    Creepy Miley Cyrus Fan
    Tattoo of Eyes on Woman's Ass
    Family Tradition Face Tattoo
    Tattoo Turns Navel into Cat Anus
    Tattoo Advises Against Permanent Decisions
    Converse Shoe Tattooed on Foot
    Hank Hill "OBEY" Parody Tattoo

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