"Yeah, so you turn left, make your second right, then go straight down. You're there when you see the big filthy talking rat. You honestly can't miss it."rnrn
Then she better April O'Kneel after that. It's only fair.
Donatello Gets Screwed
I've never wanted to be a filthy rat more in my life.
To be fair, Splinter is his roommate.
She's obviously lost a horrible, horrible bet.
Teenage Mutant Ninja LiveJournal 2: Ninja Raph
Teenage Mutant Ninja LiveJournal
The Shredder
"They only had size 8-10 and i already had the hat."
Bleep Bloop: Beat 'Em Ups
Now I just need three friends to play with!
I thought Michelangelo was the party dude.
Women love it when men wear matching socks.

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