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Everyone is complaining about it, but what’s really going on with the economy? Uhh. Well. “The Economy” refers to a system of promises, sometimes called “money,” that is exchanged at rates based on “value” and “trust,” which are, in turn, based on... hm, it’s not gold anymore, right? Oil? Is it oil? No, that’s not it. Oh yeah! It’s nothing. The Economy is based on nothing. It’s a purely abstract concept that is somehow in the toilet. Whose fault is it that it’s in the toilet? Everyone’s. Who’s going to fix it? Everyone... eventually. In the meantime, feel free to keep saying, “The Economy” as a catchall exclamation of complaint. “The Economy” is the new “Monday.” [[[readmore]]] *Add It Up:* The presidential candidates have raised a collective $190 million for them to spend raising awareness for their respective campaigns. But I haven’t heard anything about candidates giving away free pizza, so we’re calling bullshit. Not even you, Cain. Not even you. No wonder you lost. *Is It Going to Get Better?:* Sure it will! All you have to do to help fix the economy is click on all of the wonderful advertisements you see on our website.

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