Before you could zone out in front of the Internet, you had to zone out in front of television. Now you can zone out in front of both. We live in a marvelous age.

Up next for Mr. Jenkins? Straight to DVD movie.
British TV Talent Judge Farts
"Days of our Chex Mix" Subtle Chex Mix Product Placement
Dog Watches Dog Show
Man Yells "Naked Grandma" at an Appropriate Time
Rock Band Loser Murders TV
Wheel of Fortune Phenom
Mac from Always Sunny Anti-Smoking PSA
Don Draper Says "What?"
Game Show Wardrobe Malfunction
News Trainwreck
Band Doesn't Even Try
Club Mario
Zach Galifianikis Smokes a Joint on Bill Maher
28 Cartoon Theme Songs in 7 Minutes
Wannabe Billy Mays Sells Crappy Back Scratcher

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