Before you could zone out in front of the Internet, you had to zone out in front of television. Now you can zone out in front of both. We live in a marvelous age.

    Picture of a real life Beavis.
    Saw this on the spanish channel.  I can only guess...
    "We obtained an old projector from the college for a project and hooked our tv, dvd, and gamecube up to it.  it is over 9' diagonal and the only way to play mariokart!"
    "Here at Yale we have an entire channel that is just this still picture, 24/7...It's called "Scola 2". We figure it's either some sort of Macedonian terrorist secret code, or the outlet for somebody's sexual frustration at the lack of hot girls here. "
    Channel number 2, I take it?
    That's a good view...
    Space shuttle travels 18 times the speed of LIGHT?!?
    "At Georgia Tech TV they have a program where you can call in and they'll do problems for you. We conned this chick into doing B*U*Pi*Integral of e^x."

    Nothing found...

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