Before you could zone out in front of the Internet, you had to zone out in front of television. Now you can zone out in front of both. We live in a marvelous age.

The Camera Adds What?
What If...
Teenage Mutant Honey Boo Boo
Creamer Vs. Kramer
Elizabeth Banks Gets Hit With Pies
How I Met Your Mother Explained in Under a Minute
Mythbusters: Does God Exist?
Best TV Show of the 2011-2012 Season
Britney Spears is Terrified of Fake Thunder
More Accurate Titles for the New TV Shows of Fall 2012
A Slam Poem to Bacon (with Nick Offerman)
Reporter's Bad Joke Scares Baby
"The Simpsons" Intro Recreated with "Family Guy" Episodes

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