vanity plate

    Virginia is for Creepers.
    Mark McGrath got hit super hard by the recession. How embarrassing is it that he has to sit in the backseat of a Kia Spectra as his chauffeur drives him around Cali.
    The motorcycle gets 55 mpg, but he can't be on it.
    The PT stands for "pretty tacky."
    This was a condition of his parole.
    That's a man driving, baby!
    "I just graduated college and sold my car as a clunker so my mom could get a new ride. She had to take my old license plate. She's an elementary school teacher and has no idea what it means LOL."
    That guy must really love "Family Life."
    Well, they ARE driving a Saturn.
    Straight outta Wiscompton.
    A less obese man would have "TRKYBCN".

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