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Want to 1-Up your CollegeHumor experience? There's a hidden level on the site now: The gaming section. A handy place to go online if you're bored with the cute animals and skateboard accidents and want to get right to the good stuff.

    No Power Glove, No Love
    Koopa's Hell

    Koopa's Hell

    I feel so dumb for paying full price.
    Unfortunately, JCV doesn't make an appearance
    Boomshakalaka! He's on fire! Oh, God. He's really on FIRE.
    I wish I was a robot. Having feelings is the worst
    Why You Should Only Use Round Pokemon
    (Knock at door) Terrified Koopa Troopa: "Wh.. who is it? A deep, powerful and angry response: It's-a-me, MARIO! (shoots fireball through door engulfing Koopa Troopa in flames)
    GoldenEye Stand-Off
    Link of the Week: Mario Bros. Mod
    Once You See, You Can't Unsee
    Video Game Obituaries
    5 Video Games From an Alternate Reality

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