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    Really, nerds? A 90 minute Megaman fan film? REALLY?
    Comic: Siblings
    No Power Glove, No Love
    Koopa's Hell

    Koopa's Hell

    I feel so dumb for paying full price.
    Unfortunately, JCV doesn't make an appearance
    Boomshakalaka! He's on fire! Oh, God. He's really on FIRE.
    I wish I was a robot. Having feelings is the worst
    Why You Should Only Use Round Pokemon
    (Knock at door) Terrified Koopa Troopa: "Wh.. who is it? A deep, powerful and angry response: It's-a-me, MARIO! (shoots fireball through door engulfing Koopa Troopa in flames)
    GoldenEye Stand-Off
    Link of the Week: Mario Bros. Mod
    Once You See, You Can't Unsee

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