Sonic The Hedgehog 3: Marital Troubles
Awesome Zelda: Ocarina of Time Medley
If Videogames Were Named After the Phrases Said Most While Playing Them
Even Awesomer Call of Duty Knife Kill
Nintendo Class Schedules - Spring 2010
Stuffed zombies are the most dangerous of all
Zombifying a classic
The most elusive Pokemon of all - Triasisaur.
Call of Duty Mission Briefing
Rule 1: If you want to speak, you MUST be on the speaking rock. All agreed? Great. Rule 2: Only I get to be on the speaking rock. Any problems with that? I thought not.
Become one with the block
The only Flood they care about is the one in Halo.
Super Mario Texts From Last Night
Super Mario Pen Beatbox
Grateful Kid Gets Xbox 360 for Christmas

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