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Want to 1-Up your CollegeHumor experience? There's a hidden level on the site now: The gaming section. A handy place to go online if you're bored with the cute animals and skateboard accidents and want to get right to the good stuff.

    Really, the kart itself is a phallic symbol too.
    Zelda the Movie: the trailer
    Street Fighter: the Remix Years
    Pre-Med Internship at the Videogame Hospital
    I'd play this game
    Games I'll Probably Throw Out Now That I Own GTA IV
    Grand Theft Auto 4: the coloring book
    'Twas the Night Before Grand Theft Auto IV
    In Megaman We Trust
    What couple hasn't argued about Counterstrike vs. Sex?
    A Sim Checking In...
    I'm a boy and this still looks fun
    Paperboy's Diary

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