water cups

    "I'm pretty proud of that arch."
    Wow, that must be $3.00 worth of solo cups!
    The real prank is by styrofoam, on the environment.
    "He got off work at 2:30 AM and came home to this."
    "The Computer Science Student Society was the only society that voted against a pranking policy at the U of R.  This happened to their tiny lounge the next day."
    "His door is covered with wet paper towels, toothpaste, and shaving cream. On the floor is 32 cups full of water with some attached to the door handle. Around the cups is half a bottle of liquid dishsoap, toothpaste, and ketchup packets. The door is tied
    Stuck with nowhere to put the water.
    "Plus, I told him that I peed in 6 of them."
    Stop laughing at me! It isn't funny!

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