Mmm... Sour Farts
    Clean Comedy in a World of Gross-Out Humor and Subtle Sex Jokes
    16 Television Captions That Have Gotten Really Weird
    He Has the Best Boobs in the World
    Kia Warns You Not to Buy a Kia
    How to Have Sex Told By a Grade Schooler
    Microwave Comes With Chaos Button
    Everything is Hard and Boring
    This Kid Knows What He's Doing
    Comedian Paid Skywriter to Write This in the Sky
    I'm Trying to Be a Better Person
    Proof That Everything is Sh*tty in It's First Draft
    What The Guy Who Always Puts Tomato On My Sandwich Must Be Thinking
    Things Ben Does Not React To
    New Zealand, Stop Trying To Name Your Kids Anal

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