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    Absurdist Seinfeld YouTube Channel "Gorge Catanda" is Insane
    Excuse Me Sir, That's Not How You Use an Umbrella
    Vibrating GIFs Kinda Don't Make Sense but C'mon Isn't That Why We're All Here
    This Person Must Really Like Care Bears
    Local News Takes Stupid Poll
    Google Maps Found Bloody Dick Road
    Teacher Forces Student to Wear Cone of Shame
    China's McDonald's is Beating America's McDonald's With Sausage Double Beef Burger
    Cheeseburger Stabbing
    "Sorry I Ran Over Your Kid" Cake
    On the Cutting Edge
    Here's a Dancing Cactus Man to Help You With Your Day
    Sometimes, The Lobster Fights Back
    Man Has Tiniest Legs, Biggest Stomach Combo
    The McDonald's Menu Has Gotten Really Sexual

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