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    Cat and Person Eye Swap Is Fueled By Your Nightmares
    Department Stores Now Have Terrifying Pyramid Head Mannequins
    Happy Birthday, Even Though You Cheated on Me
    Extremely Detailed Sonic the Hedgehog Cake
    Money Weave
    Glamorous Woman in Bathing Suit Laughing at a Parrot
    Unnerving Bathroom Floor Design
    Beautiful Eyes
    Every Infomercial Ever Summed Up In 11 GIFS
    Winnie the Pooh Has Identity Crisis
    Pixie Stick Ramen Noodles Will Result in Your Death Probably
    Cupcake in Advertisement is Covered in Pills
    Realistic Turkey Cake Is Not Appetizing At All
    Rapefruit is Good For Every Meal
    Dining Hall Serves Totally Legitimate "Mac and Cheese" For Dinner

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