We asked and you voted. Here are the top 25 Best Pictures of all time…

Lawrence of Arabia -- 1962

25) Lawrence of Arabia — 1962

A 216 minute-long movie about a British guy in an embattled foreign country that DIDN'T make everyone fall asleep deserved nothing less than every Oscar, but 7 of 'em will do.

The Deer Hunter -- 1978

24) The Deer Hunter — 1978

The Deer Hunter introduced America to two of the most disturbing things of the 20th Century: Russian roulette and Christopher Walken.

The Sound of Music -- 1965

23) The Sound of Music — 1965

A family musical with a finale involving Nazis and nuns doesn't sound like typical Oscar material, which is only a further testament to this movie's actual quality. Regardless of that stupid "Goodbye" song.

Gone with the Wind -- 1939

22) Gone with the Wind — 1939

Gone with the Wind has maintained a reputation of being the ultimate Hollywood movie. Given the number of times it's been parodied by The Simpsons, that sounds about right.

The Kings Speech -- 2010

21) The King's Speech — 2010

In ten years, people are going to be laughing at the fact that this film was almost beaten by one about facebook, and at Colin Firth's voice, obviously.