Lunch Lady

15. Lunch Lady

Average Salary: $11k-$28kBeing a lunch lady is a thankless task, but what do you expect when you're serving overcooked broccoli to small people with no sense of gratitude. Also lunch is like, the third most important meal of the day, so it's not like you're really helping that much anyway.

Theme Park Janitor

14. Theme Park Janitor

Average Salary: $16k-$37kIf there's one thing people know how to do at theme parks, it's be outrageously disgusting and temporarily forget all about what "littering" is. If cleaning up after them doesn't sound fun, imagine being surrounded by multi-purpose giant fun machines you're not allowed to use.

Walmart Greeter

13. Walmart Greeter

Average Salary: $15k-$31kThis job, on top of being degrading and awful, defied even simple logic, because people don't like being reminded they're in Walmart. If you were just some guy who went up to someone who's just walked into Walmart and yelled "Hey! You're in Walmart right now!" They'd probably either punch you or, overcome with consciousness, cry.

Chuck E Cheese Waiter

12. Chuck E. Cheese Waiter

Average Salary: $7k-$15kChuck E. Cheese Waiter is maybe the most dangerous and harrowing job you could take without it helping in any way to get you laid. The next time you tell someone you're a waiter at Chuck E. Cheese and they don't react with overwhelming pity and despair, there's something wrong with them. And definitely something wrong with you, either way.

Toll Booth Attendant

11. Toll Booth Attendant

Average Salary: $16k-$69kToll Booths are no more fun for the people slowly approaching them and screaming at their kids for two quarters than they are for the people sitting inside them, their souls slowly being eaten by tourists yelling at them because they "didn't know there'd be a toll booth".