Highlander: The Final Dimension

20. Highlander: The Final Dimension

Oh geez. "The Final Dimension"? This movie was doomed from the start.

Superman III

19. Superman III

This is just one writer's opinion, but any movie, any movie, in which Superman throws a hissy fit, blows out the Olympic Torch, and straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is pretty obviously the best movie ever made. Ignore this entry. It's perfect.

Rugrats Go Wild

18. Rugrats Go Wild

Crossovers are always tricky, especially when they serve as series finales as well, but the Rugrats/Wild Thornberrys movie sure pulled it off, if your definition of "pulled it off" is "happened".

Poltergeist III

17. Poltergeist III

There was a rumor going around for a while that people involved with the first Poltergeist movie all died under mysterious circumstances. Sadly, that didn't extend to the Poltergeist franchise itself, which stayed very much alive, disappointingly.

Child's Play 3

16. Child's Play 3

The sad truth about triquels is simple: these are all things we've seen twice before. It's not new or surprising anymore when someone does something, so it's easy to understand why, by the third outing, a weird puppet coming to life and killing people just… doesn't cut it anymore. Sorry, Chucky. Please don't hurt us.