Little Fockers

15. Little Fockers

Meet the Parents was at least a serviceable embarrassment comedy that played to the strengths of most of the actors it featured. Then everyone decided the only thing that was funny was Robert De Niro's character being a spy and babies farting. The rest, as they say, is abysmal filmmaking.

Pokemon 3: The Movie

14. Pokemon 3: The Movie

Remember when the first Pokemon movie came out, and the validation every Pokemon fan across the country experienced as, finally, the world of Pokemon was recognised as a legitimate entertainment franchise? That had all pretty much run out by Pokemon 3, but that didn't stop them from making… 15 more. And counting. Yikes.

Batman Forever

13. Batman Forever

Batman Forever is a beautiful dream compared to what came after, but it still did what some had once thought impossible: made the character of Batman lame. How hard is this to screw up, guys?

Ernest Goes to Jail

12. Ernest Goes to Jail

Say what you will about the "Ernest" movies, but they don't short-change you when it comes to delivering what they promise up front. In the third installment, Ernest goes to jail. Apparently. Don't ask us, of course we didn't see it.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

11. Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Obviously the best idea for a Halloween movie is to remove Michael Myers and focus the plot on evil enchanted shamrocks, obviously, so it's a wonder this movie appears at all on a "worst movie" toplist. We'll chalk this one up to mysterious Irish magic, and continue to celebrate Halloween III for the masterpiece it is.