Frank Costanza- Seinfeld

20. Frank Costanza- Seinfeld

Even though Frank Costanza didn't appear in many episodes of Seinfeld, he deserves his spot on this list for being one of the most original dads on television. Whether he was inventing holidays or designing male breast-holders, Costanza always left us laughing and happy we didn't actually know him.

Walter White- Breaking Bad

19. Walter White- Breaking Bad

Yeah, Walter's made a few mistakes, but who among us can honestly say hasn't given his cerebral palsy-struck son too many tequila shots, or gotten his name wrong, or embezzled drug money through his cancer charity website? Regardless, it takes a lot of courage to become a meth cook to get your son through college. Walter White isn't father of the year, but no-one question his dedication.

Jay Pritchett- Modern Family

18. Jay Pritchett- Modern Family

Jay Pritchett isn't just a father: he's an old-school, football tossing, model airplane-making, nostalgia-evoking, semi-emotionally-available dad. We love you, Jay Pritchett

Frank Reynolds- Its Aways Sunny in Philadelphia

17. Frank Reynolds- Its Aways Sunny in Philadelphia

Listen, we're not going to pretend Frank is a good father. Or a good husband. Or a good human being. But you know what he is? He's a completely unhinged, loose-cannon, ex-millionaire hedonist who drinks wine out of a soda can and eats dog food for dinner. So.

Alan Matthews- Boy Meets World

16. Alan Matthews- Boy Meets World

As that old saying goes: The dad so nice, he named his sporting goods store after his offspring.