Al Bundy- MarriedWith Children

15. Al Bundy- Married… With Children

Al Bundy was the dad you wish you didn't have, probably because your dad was just like him. Lazy and uncaring, this guy indifferently sold shoes by day and verbally abused his family by night. But you know what, Dad?! I'm going places! I'm gonna be somebody someday, YOU'LL SEE!

Grandpa Phil- Hey Arnold!

14. Grandpa Phil- Hey Arnold!

While Grandpa Phil is technically a father as well, that's not what anybody means when they say he's a great dad. He's loyal, kind, funny, and treats Arnold like a son, regardless of that fact that's not true. Also the guy's a total beefcake.

Carl Winslow- Family Matters

13. Carl Winslow- Family Matters

Unlike a lot of characters on this list, Carl Winslow doesn't have many glaring victories or failures in his career as a dad. He screws up, his kids screw up, he helps them, he yells at them. It's nice to remember some dads aren't crazy or embarrassing or terrible, they're just there.

Danny Tanner- Full House

12. Danny Tanner- Full House

Because sometimes being a good dad means making your buddies come and live with you to replace your dead wife.

Eddard Stark- Game of Thrones

11. Eddard Stark- Game of Thrones

Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell and long-haired square-jawed sword-wielding arbiter of justice, is the dad you don't even wish you had because you know you don't deserve him.