Peter Griffin- Family Guy

10. Peter Griffin- Family Guy

Peter Griffin is your average American Dad. He's voiced by Seth Macfarlane, he's got beautiful wife, a son and a daughter, a talking pet, and a weird flamboyant genius thing with a misshapen head. Wait, that also describes the dad from American Dad. Whatever.

Tim Taylor- Home Improvement

9. Tim Taylor- Home Improvement

Tim Taylor knows a lot about tools and… that's it. His lack of knowledge in the fields of every other thing hasn't proved too much of a handicap, though, thanks to his support system built up of his wife, and some weird guy who won't show us his face. Ah, fatherhood.

Phil Dunphy- Modern Family

8. Phil Dunphy- Modern Family

Phil Dunphy may always be just one step behind the times but of all the dads here he probably gets the most credit for trying. He is the self-proclaimed "cool dad," and while this may not be entirely accurate, he's definitely one of the most relatable ones. ..

Michael Bluth- Arrested Development

7. Michael Bluth- Arrested Development

For a couple of episodes of Arrested Development, we were tricked into thinking Michael Bluth was the "normal one". He was our shepherd in the emotional, fiscal, moral shitstorm that was the Bluth family, until he started ruining his son's life. Still, Michael was there when George Michael (minus a couple of dad points right there) needed him, always ready to drive home the importance of breakfast.

Randy Marsh- South Park

6. Randy Marsh- South Park

Randy Marsh is one of TV's best dads even though he is possibly less mature than any of the kids on South Park. His son Stan is possibly one of the most moral and level headed children on TV but we all know he didn't inherit any of that from Randy. Let's just say that fatherhood probably isn't the best job for a guy who set a fecal world record and accidentally used the n-word on live television.