Bored to Death

20. Bored to Death

HBO; 3 seasons; 24 episodes; 9/20/2009-11/28/2011

After Bored to Death was canceled, the showrunner tweeted for fans to meet him in a bar and drink to the memory of the show. And that's fantastic, so fantastic we haven't even gotten to talking about the show in this segment yet. It's good.

The Tick: The Animated Series

19. The Tick: The Animated Series

Fox; 3 seasons; 36 episodes; 9/10/1994-11/24/1996

Having The Tick canceled was the second worst things that ever happened to fans of the show. The first worst thing was constantly having to convince people it was actually good.

Veronica Mars

18. Veronica Mars

UPN (2004-2006); The CW (2006-2007); 3 seasons; 64 episodes; 9/22/2004-5/22/2007

Talk of more episodes, or even a movie, have been par for the course in almost any discussion of Veronica Mars for years. As welcome as a continuation of this witty teen detective show would be, it might also just be the tiniest bit creepy to see modern-day Kristen Bell stalking around a high school.

Tenacious D

17. Tenacious D

HBO; 1 season; 3 episodes; 11/28/1997-3/15/2000

While it's hard to feel sorry for Jack Black when a side project of his goes awry, it was still a shame to see such a creative, funny show go the way of cancelation after just three (!) episodes. Despite the fact the concept was eventually run into the cold, hard, unfunny ground with the arrival of new songs later in the decade, it's hard to argue with the D at its unchained best, and for that, we salute it.

Better Off Ted

16. Better Off Ted

ABC; 2 seasons; 26 episodes; 3/18/2009-1/26/2010

There's something about rapid-fire, witty, irreverent comedies that really doesn't appeal to large portions of the population, huh? We'll never understand that. Never.